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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello everybody!

I've made it to my first P-Day!!!!!! Ha ha. It's been quite the intense ride. On our second day here we taught our first investigator (although it was an actor). In Spanish. Oh yeah. It is SUCH a testimony of the Holy Ghost that we are able to get anything across. The more I've tried to pray and teach in Spanish, the more I've gotten to understand the the Spirit really does speak the things of our heart even when we cannot. It is definitely been schedule, schedule, schedule, here. We didn't really ever get time to get unpacked, so I'm super excited to finally get settled. I'm just starting to figure out how things work here. I've sucessfully "made it to Sunday" as everybody says about your first half week at the MTC. It's intense, but there's nothing but up from here! I am honestly so. happy. How can you not be with the most incredible presence of the spirit here!?!

I actually have two companions: Hermana Lish and Hermana Ellingson. Hermana Lish is from Idaho, and she went to Marsh Valley High School. It's that high school we'd always pass on our way to our family in Idaho and wonder who in the world went there. She did :) She's super sweet and very outgoing. Hermana Ellingson is kind of the opposite of Hermana Lish, but in a good way, too. She's very quiet :) She's incredibly dilligent, though, and sets a great pace for our companionship. Hermana Ellingson is going to leave after three weeks time to the Guatemala MTC, while Hermana Lish is going to Concepcion, Chile too! My district is pretty great. They're all pretty goofy and cool. At first it was a little interesting to be around sooooo many suits the first couple days considering my family of all girls, but I'm more or less getting used to it. They're super goofy. I'm listening to them talk right now, just being goofy :) Just being Elders :) They're great.

I got to see President and Sister Lovell yesterday :) They're doing wonderful, I tell you! I get to see them tonight. Woohoo!! It's fun, though. I definitely have been crying all over the place since we've got here. Not ever because I'm sad, but from the Spirit, or seeing my parents. I'm probably really deydrated. It's really incredible to be here, and to see so many awesome people who love the gospel and sacrifice so much to go on missions! I love my family so much, and I'm so proud of all of them. Kat! I've got to see those pictures of Baby Mac! You've got to send them to me! I know that the Lord is supporting all of us, and it gives me peace to know that He is watching over all of them while we are all around the world doing His work.

Dearelder is still awesome while I'm in the MTC because I get it the day you send it if it's before noon. I'll still write you back on my P day, though.

The gospel is true! I know that God not only has a strait and narrow pathway of truth for us, but He loves diversity. He loves each of our unique and wonderful personalities. Just look around and this incredible world we have if you're not sure that's true. I know Heavenly Father will care for all of us, and faith really is the strongest power in this whole world. I can't wait to share this message to the people of Chile, but I want to share this with you now.

You're wonderful! Stay strong!


Hermana Lovell

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