Why a mission?

The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th Update

Why yes! I´m here. In Chile. I´m alive :) 

It´s been pretty interesting thus far. I don´t really think anything could have helped me understand what a mission would be like. The MTC helped a little, but it sure is different to be out in the field. Well, so far I´ve had plenty of memorable experiences. Tracting is theeee best! Some people here will invite us in their home with no intention whatsoever to convert. They just respect missionaries. One older couple did so. They´re evangelicals. That was cool. I said the closing prayer, and oh man. They were praying with me. Outloud. Kind of similar to what churchs like that would say in the South. It was great. The food here! I just don´t quite get. It´s like I have the opportunity to get fat here without even enjoying it. They´re really big into olive oil on everything, but they don´t really like sweet things. The milk here tops the States milk by far! It´s awesome. 

Two days ago, we were teaching a progressing investigator, an old man named Carlos. I couldn´t really say much, so I wrote down a scripture and a quick testimony. During Church he pulled me aside just to show me all my gramatical errors he had corrected in red pen. That was it. Yeah, I´m rocking Spanish :) Soccer is intense here. It´s my intention to learn and go pro during P days.

Annnnnyways. Those are some of my...different experiences while being here. But! Let me tell you about my trainer. Her name is Hermana Risco. She´s from Peru and doesn´t really speak English. I live with her, and a companionship of a Brazilian and a Chileno in a house in some suburbs. I get plenty of time to speak my language! Hermana Risco works super super hard. She´s a convert of 2 years, and she´s great! We understand each other, most of the time. On top of soccer, I also will be gold metal material in charades. I brought the wrong cords for pictures, but next week I´ll show you my companions and my little house! 

It honestly feels like another world here. The people, the food, the culture. I am The Gringa. It´s pretty submersive as far as language and culture goes. The Brazilian, Hermana Almaeda, speaks English, so that´s good if I ever need a break! I´m not going to lie, it´s pretty tough work. But as hard as it is, that´s how big the miracles are, too. 

Let me just tell you a pretty big thing I realized, and I want you to do: Cherish your membership in the church. Cheris the opportunity to be with so many strong church members. Cherish your testimonies. Le them fill your whole hearts. Go to the temple, and claim the blessings that are yours by living the gospel and being close to God. Spend time to do the things you know are right. Pray, and give your heart to God. Live your testimony. Be converted to what you know. I KNOW it is the happiest way to live. Is it the easiest? Not aways. But I know it is the happiest. 

Heavenly Father is real. You better believe He is strengthening me each day. I know He can do this for you, too. Thank you so much for you letters. I´m not sure how fast they´ll come, I´m a six hour bus ride away from the mission home. I know I´ll get them some day! Keep smiling, and keep praying. I love you!!

Hermana Lovell 

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hola everybody!
I have my flight plans! I leave Monday the 20th at 6 AM. My flight from here to LA starts at 10. I´ll be in LAX till 1:25. Then I'll have a flight from 1:25 PM to 5:40 AM to Santiago, and then from 8:20 AM to 9:35 AM I have a flight to Concepcion, Chile. It's here. I'm going out into the world and spreading the gospel with anybody and everybody. I can't wait!! I've learned quite a bit here at the MTC. Like my wise twin Brittany said to me, "The MTC is not a place to be perfect, it's a place to change." I'm definitely not perfect, but I am working hard to change myself to become a better servant of the Lord. Being this means more to me than anything else. Some things I've learned here.....
When you're teaching others, or even just trying to get to know people, you have to try to relate to them. Understand them. And NOT judge them. Everybody wants to be understood. Sometimes, when it feels like I can't quite do that, I think of the Savior. I pray for the strength to look past how people are right now, and see them how they could be as they come to understand the truthfulness of the gospel.
You'll never know what the blessings of sacrifice are if you don't ever sacrifice anything. It's so easy to want to keep everything the same you have now. My quirks, my sarcasm, my pet peeves. My little things that aren't 100% awesome, but aren't bad. But I know that I'll never know how much better life can be unless I let go of what I am now to become something greater. It's been hard, but I definitely am recieving the witness after "the trial of my faith".
I got a package from the fam this week. Oh. Man. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. I LOVED getting all those pictures. I can never have enough pictures of you all. I love you all, so much. You are so wonderful, and I can't believe how lucky I am to have you all in my life! Thank you so much for that. Honestly, YOU, fam-fam, is what gives me a lot of my strength. It's such a blessing to have you, and I want others to have forever families, too. Thank you for who you are, and being in my life!!
Well, I guess I'll talk to you from Chile next :)
Hasta luego,
Hermana Lovell

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012

Hey everybody!
Oh my goodness. I can't wait how quickly time flies! We get our travel plans in a couple days. I CAN'T WAAAAAAIT!!!!!! I am fully ready to have no idea what anybody will be saying, but I know it's going to be incredible. I can just picture my mission president coming to shake my hand, and just smiling away. And then maybe not much else :) But it's okay. I know I have a testimony of what I have to teach, and I know why I'm going there. Oh man. Prayers are totally welcome, though.
Life is doing pretty great! I'm still here at El CCM. I'm still learning loads. I got to help out somebody else here, that was pretty awesome. I honestly can tell you that God does use "the simple things" to make miracles come to pass. Whew! I'm definitely believing that now! Because there's not much pride you can keep while you can barely say that you need to go to the bathroom in Spanish and nobody even knows what you're saying. Just kidding, I'm not that bad :) I just know the Lord's going to take care of me. It really is the biggest blessing to have so much time to focus on the Lord and study His miracles. They give me hope that He can work miracles in my life, too. He can work miracles in your lives too! I know He can.
I know that God is a God of miracles. I know has unconditional love for all of us. Something I've been realizing, though, that God is a God of order, too. The blessings He can give us are conditional on our choice whether to obey His commandments or not. If we do, we in return can recieve all the blessings He's promised. Your letters mean so much. I love hearing about your lives! I pray for you. I love you so much. I know that life's no cakewalk, but I know that the Lord can strengthen us beyond what we can do by ourselves. You better believe I believe that :) Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Keep praying. And life will turn out A-okay!
Hermana Lovell