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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17th Update

Happy 18th de Septiembre!!!

It´s tomorrow, but it´s HUGE here. Chileans love to party, and there´s
basically just Chileans here, so the country is prepping to close up
stores and go crazy. I know how to dance a bit of the Cuaca, the dance
of Chile. Look out, I´m almost Latino.

I still am not fluent, but I can get my point across. Probably a bit
better than a 5 year old, but hey, it can only go up from here, and I
have way more time to get better!

I got to see VERONICA WILDEN, which was pretty crazy. She is like my
sister, and she´s going to be LIVING here, in my ward boundaries! Talk
about a miracle.

Don´t ever forget the words of our Savior

¨Peace, I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: Not as the world
giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let
it be afraid.¨

Love you! More next time, promise :)

Hermana Lovell

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