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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 15th Update

Usually, I end up just wanting to write about Sunday, because those are the miracles that are most fresh in my mind. It's incredible to stop and think about the atonement. I got to teach about the atonement in the gospel principles class, and it's amazing how studying the atonement can always make you feel better. We got a new bishop in Barrio Copihues, and I am SO excited. He is so consecrated to his calling. He wants to have interviews with new converts every month, interviews with the youth a lot, interviews with every couple in the ward twice a year. And we've got a goal to have our own church soon in 3 years. THAT, my friends, is dedication to mission work. Woohoo!
Some things I've learned:
A lack of progress upsets the human heart. Improvement is why we are here on this earth. Setting and reaching goals invites the Spirit into our lives. They take us one step closer to the Master. We are here to be "anxiously engaged" in a good cause. The fruits of work and goal setting are an outpouring of the Spirit, creativity, and a sense of purpose in life.
Having a clear perspective of what would be the will of God will help us distinguish between what thing we must pass through "cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord", and what things Heavenly Father will empower us to helps us change our lives. Submitting to the will of the Father is not going as "a leaf in the stream" when your circumstances are not exactly what you wanted. It is to submit yourself. It is to choose to change yourself and your circumstances as you draw from "the strength of the Lord." The enabling power of the atonement accomplishes the ever present goal of our Heavenly Father: To help us become as He is. 

We've had some crazy moments with the Family Cifuentes that we're teaching. But you know what? That's when you really realize how much you love them. And then you fight even harder for them. Carmen, Kony, and Patricio are going to get baptized on the 27th, and Mattias is going to get baptized the 3rd of August. They're a funny bunch, and I love seeing how the gospel is changing and healing their family.

Yesterday we found two of the coolest investigatores I've had: Patricia and Teresa. Patricia has a parrot, loves plants, and is about 60 years old. Teresa is 90 YEARS OLD, and quite sassy!

I'm still having a great time. I know that for everything there is a season. I've loved my past. I know I'll love my future. And I love what is happening and what I learn every minute of everyday here. I love the peace that can be found as we just live with all our heart and love every minute of it.

Come what may, and love it.

Love you!

Hermana Lovell 

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