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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 24th Update

It all started with a broken bunk bed. 

Well not really. But this week was pretty awesome. I'm with Hermana Martinez now, a CHILENA from Copiopo. We both talk a lot, we're both pretty bold, and we are having a great time running around in a sector that has never had Hermanas before.
So this week we have been getting used to our sector, and it definitely has been a week of miracles. As we've given it our best, the Lord has blessed us with many people to teach.
The broken bunk bed started off quite the ridiculous weekend. I sleep on the top bunk and was trying to fall asleep. I told Hermana Snyder to come up so we could talk about something. Little did we know, whoever had put together that nice little wooden bunk bed had not done it right. It and we all fell quite terrifically. Don't worry. We got pictures. Then the day after, Hna Burgess and I had to go to Conce because we were going to sing in a quartet (with Mikey Carter!) for the big ALL missionary conference to say goodbye to the Humphreys. I just got back from that today. With 250 of us running around everywhere. It was so incredible. I love the Humphreys so much .They are very much about pushing yourself to your very limits, and I've got to learn so much from them. At the very end of the conference, we all stood up in silence as they walked out for the last time. Oh man, so many of us were crying. I'm sure the Arringtons are going to be fantastic, too.
I love this work. I love working as hard as I can to give others the opportunity to grow their relationship with their Heavenly Father. To feel Heavenly Father has forgiven them of their sins, so that they in turn can do so. I love to teach that families really are going to live forever together because I know it's true. I invite all of you to join the missionaries where you are and be apart of this new effort to make members be apart of this work. Love others enough to share your testimony with them. They might say no now, but maybe they won't a few opportunities later because of the light that you've shared with them. Serve others. Be as Christ. And, as one of our apostles said, "Cherish your membership in this the only true church".
I love you. May you find the joy that waits for you as your share the ultimate gift, even the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Hermana Lovell

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