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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11th Update

Well, we all learned a great lesson in the house in Santa Sabina: Do not tick off the evangelical grandma landlady. For one reason or another, we did. And we had to spend a whole day cleaning our apartment. I also did a crazy mini cambio in Talcahuano one day. It's just been pretty crazy this week.
There was a pretty cool miracle, though. We were just using the Ward directory to try to find some of the members, and Heavenly Father definitely lead us to the cute family. Their little boy is named Mosiah and everything, but the RM dad had gone inactive. But! Just the fact that Heavenly Father lead us there, we were able to give him that extra push he needed so he could come back to church. Then yesterday we had this TOTALLY awesome family home evening with them and another family that we're working on. Then this RM dad totally taught the lesson and was this struggling new convert with his wfe and kids that are investigatores. It's just incredible how involved Heavenly Father is in His work. Of course, we do all we can, but we really are just humble and do what we should, it really just all works out in the end. Thank goodness.
I'll be honest, sometimes I`ll get weirded out and think, "Oh my heck, I only get three more weeks doing this? Not the rest of my life?" Because really, that normal life of college and family, and thai food (:)) all seems just like something I read in a book. But! I am very excited to see what happens. Life's just great.
Whenever you feel bummed out, you should just go serve someone. Just stop thinking of yourself, and listo! You're good to go. When you're unhappy, it's usually just a sign that you're bored.
I know that Christ lives, and this is His church. I know that miracles exist. The big kind, and the little kinds that you'll miss if you're not looking close enough. I know that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, and if we look to Him for Him to show us how, we'll find more joy and happiness than we can imagine. Man! We're sure lucky to be alive.
Hope you're all doing great! Take care.
Hermana Lovell

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