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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Monday, May 6, 2013

April 15 Update

This week was pretty crazy. It was a lot of time in a bus. 17 hours in a bus this week... Wooow. Ha ha.  Hna Chavez, Hna Garcia, and I mosied on down to Conce to pick up nuestras hijas! My companion's name is Hermana Berbert. She is GREAT! She is my first gringa gringa companion that I've had. I told her we lost a little street cred, now that we're two blue eyed gringas running around, but we're managing :P Her Spanish is already great, and we had a pretty fun week together!
We've been prepping up Clara and Ignacia for their baptism. I'm so happy for them! They're getting baptized this Saturday. Clara and Luis are getting married this Friday. At first they were worried about doing a big party, but now Luis just said that it doesn't matter anymore. They don't even care if they just get married in jeans, they're just going to go for it.
Flor also is progressing. She is still one of the funniest woman I've ever met. There really has been a change in her since she's had the gospel in her life. She's still super hilarious, but she's calmed down. I love her, honestly!
I guess one little quick thing I've learned this week is that if there is any thought or feeling that keeps you from feeling the love of Heavenly Father and the presence of the Spirit of your life, it shouldn't be happening. Just get that right out of your head fast! Life's definitely better when you can remember who you are and who Heavenly Father will help you become, little by little, as you follow his plan of happiness.
Love you all!
Hermana Lovell

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