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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

September 9th Update


Me and Hermana Romney are having an awesome time together. I just know one of us with get transferred soon, because I don't think it's allowed to have as much fun doing the work as we're having. Sure I'm training, but she already knows everything, so not really. 

Please. Everyone. PRAY FOR MARIANA. She is the coolest Chilean you've ever met, and she's got her baptism this Friday. She's fantastic, but everyone needs help! Francisco is still a rockstar, and Mariela is progressing, too. 

It's starting to get beautiful here in Chile! And, surprisingly, hot. Just a little. I know it's going to be just fantastic being here for the summer. Chillan is renowned for their cold winters and hot summers. But, I lived in Utah my whole life, so I'm not too worried. 

Two weeks ago we got a visit from Elder Gonzalez, and he really stressed to us the importance of REAL growth in the church. It's looking to increase church attendance. More people receiving the blessings of the sacrament. If converts aren't being a blessing to their ward and aren't coming, that really isn't really church growth.

Fun fact: I have got a friend who is crazy. I don't know what she has, but she she's got something. She's like 30 years old, and a member of the church. She just does what she wants. Her name is Nancy. She's always got some serious style. She always rocks this sweet blue eye shadow that normally gets smeared everywhere. Somehow she found out that we have district meeting every Tuesday, so every once in a while she'll pop in out of nowhere. Like week she just came in while the zone leaders were giving us a pep talk, and I just like to act like it's totally normal. I just say, "Well hello, Nancy!" And I kindly escort her out. This time she came to tell me that she had a Christmas present for me. Why yes, it is September. But who cares! I sure didn't. She left it with the nice construction workers to give it to me later, but I told her it would be better for her to go get it and bring it to me. She went and got it gave it to me. I opened up the wrapping, and it was a beautiful stuffed doll with a little plaque in her hand that says "Gracias, Mamá". What. a. WIIIIIIIIN! It was pretty great. 

But Fact! I love being a missionary. So, SO much. I love working with the ward. I love teaching the people they love. I love talking to people on the street. There are so many people with desires to follow Christ. And do you what? We have what they're all looking for! The gospel is beautiful because it works, it's true! All the blessings that are promised our real! We've just got to open our eyes and see them! God blesses our lives in so many incredible ways. If we really can remember that, and put our faith in Him and not in ourselves, He really can make miracles happen in our lives. 

Love you all!

Hermana Lovell 

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