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Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19th Update


For all my friends that are prepping up to serve some missions, I´ve got some advice for you: You fill up the font for your baptisms. And call everybody to verify they know what time they are supposed to be there. And keep your keys to the church!

The baptisms of the Quiñonez family was a success! Success meaning any of the other circumstances don´t matter, because the ordinance was carried out. But it was sure close! Our mission leader is 18 years old named Nicolas. He was going to fill up the font, so we gave him our keys. We got there, and the doors were locked to the chapel. Manuel, Vero, and Juan Pablo came, and the doors were still locked. Then the Bishop came walking up with keys. That was good. Theeeeen, we were frantically trying to prep the food, show our converts what to do and take pictures, when we realized that the floor was wet! Nicolas had left the font running, and it was overflowing everywhere. We had to clean it all up. Then one of the people that was going to baptize, Patriarca Nuvoa, thought it was an hour later to show up. But it was really great, honestly :)

The part coolest to me of course was the baptism, but also seeing them after. That night, Manuel played futbol with other members of the Priesthood, while Vero and Manuel were watching. That was cooler to me, seeing how normal it seemed that they would be there. That they´re part of this ward/family now.

Natalia kind of dropped off the map. We´re thinking maybe her mom didn´t want us to teach her anymore, or something.

Something cool I realized while reading "Of Regrets and Resolutions" by President Uctdorf is that there´s a difference between being productive and being busy. During my life, I think back of some of the times when I thought how great it was that I was just soooo busy. So busy. Because, of course that meant that I was being productive with my life. But I love the comparison President Uctdorf uses. That he can´t picture the Savior bustling around, worrying himself about things of little importance. We don´t have to be uptight and stressed to be able to be super productive. Sure I have a pretty tight schedule right now, but when I stopped and thought about it, I don´t really think it´s going to slow down anytime soon, on the mission or after. But I can start figuring out how to be happy and productive, but now uptight and stressed out all the time. There´s a big difference. And if I really am wanting to follow Christ, I can have the faith to let go of all my pointless worryings. It doesn´t solve anything to worry!

I love you all so much, and I hope you take advantage of every moment in this life to happy. This life isn´t about waiting for that phantom of a perfect life to appear. It´s about taking what you have and loving it with all you´ve got!

Happy thanksgiving. I´m sure grateful for all of you!

Hermana Lovell


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