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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feb 11th Update

Hey fam and friends!
I. Love. Constitución. It´s incredible here. I see just a little piece of the coast from my window. The people are super nice! My first thought is that to me it seems like Washington, or Oregon, but everybody speaks Spanish. And we should all just run around and hug trees, because the forests are so beautiful. But we haven´t yet, no worries J The ward is incredible, too. It has its problems like any ward, but the bishop is SO great! This is one the cities that was most affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 2010. A lot of people lost their homes and part of their family. It makes for some pretty great teaching experiences. We taught a mom and a daughter who lost their dad/husband about the Plan of Salvation. That was pretty great.
Hermana  Chavez is SO awesome! She´s got 2 months in the mission, and I’ve got 6 here in Chile. We work and teach super great together, we´re crazy goal setters, and we´re planning maniacs. Oh my friends. It is the perfect storm. We share the ward with 2 sets of Elders, and that’s our district. Elder Falcón and Elder Frohrer, and Elder Holt and Elder Vasquez. We take a 2 hour bus ride every week for our district and zone classes. Everything really, is VERY different than Curicó.
But! This week there are going to be some good times with some old favorites! Hermana Almeida, my Brazilian BFF, opened up a sector while training in our zone. Because of a Conferencia de Nuevos in the mission, me, Hermana Almeida, and Hermana Quiroga will be in a trio for Tuesday until Thursday. Hna Quiroga is my old comp! So. That will be just dandy.
We´re a bit in the finding mode here, so that´s great. There are a lot of times to set goals and build your faith! It seems like Hna Chavez and I are together to prep us to train. We´re both relatively new, so we figure out a lot of things together! I still don´t 100% grasp my responsibilities as senior comp, because Hna Chavez is super awesome, too. But, it´ll all come with time. Wiiiith time. J I played soccer for 3 hours today or so with the ward at a ward vacation. Loook out. They think I’m pretty funny. The fleas love me, but I have been told put Eucalyptus leaves under my bed, so we’ll see how that goes. It smells just lovely in our room now.
Hope everything is well with you guys! I know that the Lord listens to our prayers, and He wants to answer them. We´ve just got to ask so that we can receive J I love you!
Hermana Lovell

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