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Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25th Update - Changes are coming!

Hermana Chavez and I are training together!!

So, we all know that there have been some pretty incredible changes in missionary work. The age changes, and now the increase of missions. It's SO incredible, right!? Well, one of the side effects of this is that there are a WHOLE lot of hermanas that are coming. Tomorrow, there is going to be 10 more hermanas coming. The next cambio they'll be 16 more coming. This means, that basically every hermana here is training. Hermana Chavez and I are so pumped to be training together. They're going to be gringas. Which means that most likely they'll be just as I was when I first got here. But I'm so excited to be on the other side of situation, and help them out as best I can. 

Also, our mission is going to get split up. The new Santiago South mission is taking part of Rancagua, and in turn Rancagua is taking part of Concepción. So if I'm still in Constitución in July, I'm heading out to Mission Rancagua! Which is weird, because I didn't really look up anything about that region of Chile. But, I think it's pretty crazy. And it's probably pretty possible. We´ll just wait and see :) 

This has been so incredible, these three weeks here. It's felt like my mission started over. But I bet it feels that way every sector change. Hermana Chavez and I have been figuring stuff out, and trying to better shape what type of missionaries we want to be. We've worked super hard and meeting our goals, and finding. We're still working on a solid focus group, but there's this couple named Alejandra and Alejandro that are so awesome! And they're already married, which is a big plus. :) Also, there's this other couple named Roberto and Marcela. We've only met with Marcela, but we've talked on the phone with Roberto a couple times. A great thing about Chileans, is that they just lay out everything on the table. If they have a problem with something, they'll just say it. If they don't understand you, they'll just say it. And they also like to pick out something to make fun of or compliment you on to start building trust. Maybe that I'm making that up, but anyways. Roberto. He gave me the WORST time about my Spanish. I think it was a bit of a joke, and a bit of he seriously couldn't understand me. I hung up the phone and said "He's going to be my least favorite convert ever!!" But, whatever. 

I don't really write about the funny stuff that happens. But there's a LOT of funny stuff. We've had a sweet time with snakes, (Boys that aren't super interested in the gospel, but at least they give you free stuff), super impressive evangelical prayers, crazy investigators. The works. And it's all so wonderful and hard. But I know that God watches over the smallest details of our lives. I know that the more humble we are, the happier we can be. I know that it's better to travel light, travel humble, and travel happy. To not worry so much. To work hard with everything you've got, but to look for how to be happy while doing it. Like Hermana Humphrey said to me "Of course it's great to strive for perfection, but you didn't come on a mission to get translated!" Life's about making mistakes, and getting messy (Magic School Bus reference), and becoming better while you do it. 

I love you guys! Thank you so much for your support and prayers! I can't believe how fast time is flying. I've got basically half of my mission done and gone! With the MTC and the 3 weeks they took away. It's pretty crazy. Keep being incredible! I pray for you guys, and I hope you're so happy. We've all got mountains to climb, and it's hard. But, it's so so worth it. 

Keep living the dream!


Hermana Lovell 

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