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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10th Update

Well, here we are in Chillan.
We're having good times. I get to do mini cambios a lot, and this week with had a capacitacion in Conce, as well. And do you know what Conce means? DOMINO'S PIZZA. You better believe I ate a whole lot. It's actually been surprising warm here this week, which is okay.
We've been working with a family, Jorge, Marisa, and Caroline. They're pretty great. They are humble, and they have their priorities in order. They've just got to mosey right over to the church and then they'll really have their priorities in order. We've had all sorts of crazy stuff happen, like normal. We're pretty sure a witch tried to cast a spell on us. We were walking at night time, and then their was someone yelling at us from behind some bushes. We thought it was just a teenager, but then out of nowhere this little grannie's face was there yelling some gibberish and running to keep up with us. We walked/ ran right out of there. We met some gypsies, too. There's just this normal suburbia place, and then to the side of one of the houses there was just this huge tent with stars and moons on it. And then, there appeared to be some people that were not quiiiite all there. We gave them a nice pass along card and went right on our way.

Something that I've like thinking about is being bold. How many times do miss out on opportunities because we're just tiptoeing through life? We just let them pass us by, but we just don't have the gumption to stand up and do something about it!

Also, another permanent theme in my mission/life is that "simplification is the ultimate sophistication". As my sister Liz had posted on her e-mail, "Stop the glorification of busy!" I'm starting to realize that, believe it or not, it IS possible to have a nice successful life without running around like a stress case all the time. Who knew!? I love what President Uchtdorf said in his "Of Regrets and Resolutions" talk:

"Isn’t it true that we often get so busy? And, sad to say, we even wear our busyness as a badge of honor, as though being busy, by itself, was an accomplishment or sign of a superior life.
Is it?

I think of our Lord and Exemplar, Jesus Christ, and His short life among the people of Galilee and Jerusalem. I have tried to imagine Him bustling between meetings or multitasking to get a list of urgent things accomplished.  I can’t see it."

I know that Heavenly Father wants to live a fulfilled, happy life. And He doesn't want us to just freeze up with fear and let our opportunities pass us by. As we increase in our faith in Jesus Christ, our hope and optimism with help us see miracles, and make our dreams a reality.

So go on out there, and find your windmill.

I love you!

Hermana Lovell

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