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The gospel is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know it's all true, and this knowledge has given me all the wonderful things of this life. I can't wait to share this knowledge with others.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1st Update


1 cambio down. 6 weeks of being here in Chile. Wowzas! I´ve learned so much. 

It´s kinda crazy, but we´ve had quite a few investigators find us. One of which is Osvaldo. Osvaldo is the brother of Hermana Iliana, the Relief Society President. He has really advanced cancer, and a tumor. We knew about him, because it´s been hard for Hermana Iliana. Then Tuesday or Wednesday night after we were done working, Hermana Iliana and her family were waiting at our house. Osvaldo had been sent back to live at his home because the hospital said there was not much else to do. Hermana Iliana and some of her family had talked to him about the gospel, and the Plan of Salvation. They were there waiting for us because he wants to be baptized. We´ve been giving him a crash course of teachings for the baptismal questions, and we´re working with our District Leader to make sure everything is good and proper. It´s pretty incredible. He´s very lively and happy! He and his family has some incredible faith, too. It´s so great to teach him. Everything we teach and explain, he always ¨Exactamente¨, like he knows it´s supposed to be that way.

We also are helping Raul, a 84 year old man, prep for baptism. He is the Papa of one of the nuevos conversos. He´s a character. I´m pretty good with understanding, but sometimes with the elderly, and lack of teeth sometimes.... ha ha. But one time he stood up and did this funny little jig. Do I know why? Naaaah. But he´s pretty funny. He wants to belong to a church, and have faith. Good thing we´re missionaries and we can teach him about it :) 

So it´s cambios (exchanges/changes) and there is a cambio in my little casa of 4 hermanas. My trainer, Hermana Risco, is heading out! She´s going to San Javier, and I´m staying here in Rauquen B. She has 8 months here, so she pretty much knows everything. A lot of what we did was from her memory. Buuuut! Heavenly Father never gives us trials that we can´t handle. So man oh man am I pumped to figure this all out! My new trainer is from Argentina, and I´m meeting her tomorrow. It should be just fantastic! 

Something I´ve learned this cambio is that people want to be loved. Respected. Understood. Appreciated. Yes, you can work along side people and work with people and accomplish what needs to be done, but if they don´t feel like you have these things for them, it makes things a looot harder. President Monsen was right! (Of course) "Never let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved." 

Speaking of which! I love you all. I pray for you. I hope everything in your lives is magical and wonderful and special. Not perfect, because it can´t be. But I know that through this gospel, we´re able to find all the happiness we can handle. Love it! Live it! Let it become a part of you. 

Nos vemos!

Hermana Lovell 

This is our zone, right before our last cambios. What a bunch :)

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