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Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28th Update

Hey family and friends!

I hope everything´s going wonderful for you all! Things are just rolling right along here in Rauquen. Another week done and gone. We had a zone conference and a surprise baptism. Woohoo!

13 year old Guillermo was baptised on Saturday. He is such a goober. It was pretty fun to be able to teach somebody that has the age of like Nick, or Jacob! He was so, so happy to be baptized.  

The Zone Conference was incredible, of course. I love hearing from President and Sister Humphrey. They really do feel like my parents, in a way. It was pretty incredible to hear from all the missionaries that are going home bear their testimonies. To hear them bear their testimonies about how how their missions changad their life. My companion, Hermana Quiroga, bore her testimony, too. She goes home the 9th of April. Not all the missionaries talked about what a life changing experience the mission was. Somebody could think, “These people are living up a year and a half to two years to the Lord and to serve people, how could they not be changed!?” But, like any other experience in life, we always have the choice of what we want to get out of it.

On the same theme, I´ve been thinking more about the obedience issue! About keeping with the missionary schedule and rules, keeping the commandments, serving a mission, are all incredibly wonderful things! But, there is always more that we can do. Why would we want to short change ourselves of even greater blessings we could attain if we just tried a little bit harder? There´s a difference between living life day to day, letting the time pass by, and living life on purpose.

For me, my goal is to be that missionary who gave everything here. I definitely know that I´m not perfect, and I never will be. But I know that if I give everything, my Savior can make up the difference. Always. If we can really feel like we´ve done our part.

But, I love you guys. You´re crazy and wonderful, and you´ll always be my examples! Thank you for everything and all your support.


Hermana Lovell

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